Here are the health tests to have women to do on crossing 40 years:

 Here are the health tests to have women to do on crossing 40 years:

Our body is subject to sensitive changes as we get older. There are several issues within the body if the physical look is externally visible to everyone. But it does not know anyone.

Especially the heart of the heart-related disorders, especially for women crossing 40 years, is common for breast cancer. So it is important to undergo regular health inspections. This can prevent the risk of identifying the symptoms of the disease.

Blood pressure inspection:

The most common problem found in people as high blood pressure is older. The heart attack and strokes increase the risk if they do not treat it. It's easy to reduce blood pressure and reducing a little change in food and lifestyle. Regular exercise also helps to handle it. Only medications are recommended in some cases.

Breast Cancer:

The breast test is recommended for women all ages regularly. The risk of breast and uterus can increase its risk as two common cancer and ages affecting women of all ages. Two weeks can be tested at home self-breasts. The same can be found in the structure of any pellets in the early stage. Make a pap smear and mammogram test for protection against this cancer.


It is common to lose bone density and energy as aged, which can lead to osteoporosis. It causes the bones to become more vulnerable to increase the risk of injury or fracture. Osteoporosis is often found in women than men. So the decks scan helps to identify the concentration of the bones.

People in the blood sugar level: 20 and 30 people who do not warn about their dietary are more likely to be suffering from diabetes at the age of 40. This is caused by stress on the pancreas as the previously consumed food and weight increases. It easily increases the blood sugar levels. It is important to test you to control blood sugar levels.

Cholesterol Profile: This blood test can be reduced to the risk of intense cardiovascular disease and strokes. High cholesterol levels increase the risk of raising heart-related disorders. If you have a high cholesterol, you can change your food and reduce some medication. After 30, everyone should check their cholesterol levels every five years. Your total cholesterol level must be less than 200 militar to each deciliter (mg / DL).

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