Top 10 rivers in india

1. Ganga :

 Ganga  is a longest river in  India. It originates in the Himalayas and flows westward across northern India and Bangladesh. Its total length is about.

 2. Brahmaputra :

 Brahmaputra River is the second largest river in Asia after the Yangtze River. It is the longest river entirely located within the boundaries of China. It originates in Tibet and flows eastwards through the Indian states of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, and Northeast India before emptying into the Bay of Bengal.

 3. Indus :

 Indus River is the 3rd longest river in the world. It is the only major river flowing northward in both Pakistan and India. It is formed by the union of five rivers in the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

 4. Sutlej :

 Sutlej River is the fourth-longest river in India. It is a Beas River. It rises in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh and Punjab, and flows south-eastwards through Haryana, Delhi, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, and finally joins the Yamuna at Pratapgarh.

 5. Krishna :

 Krishna River is the fifth-longest river in Asia. It is the longest tributary of the Godavari River. It originates in southern slopes of Western Ghats near Pune district of Maharashtra and Karnataka state and flows through the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and ends in the Arabian Sea.

 6. Narmada :

 Narmada River is the sixth-longest river in South Asia. It is the largest river in the Narmada basin. It originates in central India and runs through the states of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.

 7. Tamsa :

 Tamsa River is the seventh-longest river in Europe.  Tamsa River is a left tributary of the Volga River. It originates near Lake Balkhash in Kazakhstan and flows through Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, and eventually discharges into the Baltic Sea.


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