Top 10 online earning websites

1. Youtube :

 YouTube is a popular websites in the world. It's free to use and upload videos. Many people make money off YouTube by using ads or sponsorships. You can also create your own channel and start uploading videos. Google owns YouTube, so they're able to do anything they want to do.

 2. Google Adsense :

 AdSense is a way for website owners to get paid per click ads. You just have to fill out a captcha after a video is played. Then, Google will search for similar videos and if someone clicks on your ad, you get credit. There's no minimum amount of time either. If someone watches a video on your site for 30 seconds, you get paid!

 3. Amazon :

 You may know Amazon already, but did you know they have their own online store? And now they sell everything from books to computers to clothes...and even pets! You can order anything on Amazon and they'll ship it right to your house. You can save lots of money by ordering things at once (multi-buying) instead of buying single items.

 4. Digital Market :

 This is a place where you can sell digital products like eBooks, courses, and designs. Think of it like Etsy for apps. You set the price and put your product behind a screen. People who download your app/product pay you via PayPal.

 5. Upwork :

 UpWork is a great site to find freelance work. You can offer your skills as a writer, designer, illustrator, programmer, etc. In my experience, quality work gets done here.


6. Shutterstock :


Shutterstock is a stock photography website based out of Amsterdam, Netherlands. Their mission is to connect people who want to make money off their art with artists who have the skills to create these pieces. By doing so, they hope to encourage creativity while bringing together creative minds.


7. Zerodha :


Zerodha is an Indian online brokerage company based in Mumbai, India. Founded in 2011, Zerodha offers stock trading services and educational content via its platform. Zerodha was founded by Rohit Khandelwal, currently Chairman & CEO, In November 2016, Zerodha raised $50 million Series C funding round from investors including SAIF Partners, Nexus Venture Partners and Naspers.


8. : is a community-driven music streaming service where anyone can listen to any song for free. All you need is a Spotify account and a good internet connection. You can search for songs by artist, album, genre, mood, time period, etc. Or just browse our massive catalog of playlists.


9. ThreadUp :


ThreadUp is a social network that connects people interested in fashion and beauty products. Users can post reviews, ask questions, and find answers from fellow members.

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